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“It’s about client success: Achieving the goals that clients and our lenders of record have as their ambitions for return on capital in this dynamic and ever-growing specialty finance marketplace.”

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Kim Anderson brings years of experience and deep knowledge about the Fintech and consumer specialty finance sectors to his role as Strategic Link’s Chief Executive Officer.

As CEO, he ensures that the organization stays very circumspect about structural factors in the marketplace — from changes in the regulatory and legal landscape to the directions competitors are taking. He also makes sure that the organization has best in class leadership, technology and resources in place so that Strategic Link can deliver on client promises.

He is passionate about client success – achieving the goals that clients have set for their portfolios – and about Strategic Link’s capacity to attack new sectors where its core resources can be leveraged.

When it comes to client success, Anderson points to Strategic Link’s ability to grow its two largest clients’ portfolios by almost 40 percent in the last two years.

He believes the things that make Strategic Link stand apart from its competitors include its long history of helping investors and lenders profitably capture the demand for online consumer loans, the strong financial backing of a large private equity firm, and access to state of the art resources in analytics, contact center management, regulatory compliance and other critical specialties.

Over his career, Anderson has built and run a variety of companies engaged in the specialty finance sector, including Longitude Partners, CL Verify, and IDT Financial Services, where he oversaw domestic and international operations. Earlier, while at Deluxe Corporation, he led the development and commercialization of DebitBureau, today a meta-data decisioning asset of Fidelity National. In 2000, he led the IPO team for eFunds which created $1.2 Billion in new shareholder value.

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